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Have you ever dreamed of flying? Let one of our seasoned pilots show you what it feels like to fly!


York Soaring has a successful record of training and licensing 600+ youth over a span of 45 years. Find out about our Youth Scholarships and programs.


We proudly offer licensing courses to all those interested in gliding and soaring.


Learn new skills and sharpen old skills with our advanced courses. Interest in helping other get into the sport of soaring? Take our instructor course.


The York Soaring Association (YSA) takes pride in introducing people to the sport of soaring. Let one of our seasoned pilots guide you into a wonderful world of flying through an Experience Gliding flight or Freedom Wings’ flight.


Experience Gliding

A great introduction to the world of flying. Make your dream of flying a reality by letting our seasoned pilots take you up for a flight.


York Soaring has a long history of successfully training youth to Transport Canada licensing standards since 1972 and helps our pilots of tomorrow enjoy the privilege of flight.

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Youth Camp

A program for youth to obtain their full glider pilot license in as little as 3-weeks. York Soaring has a 45 year history of successfully providing Glider Flight Training to Transport Canada standards to over 600 youngsters from across Ontario.


Flight Training

Our self-paced flight training program is open for all age groups and instructors are available to offer training at the student's preferred pace.

Licencing PROGRAMS

Find out the different ways you can get your Glider Pilot Licence (GPL). It’s easier than you think!


Flight Training

Our self-paced flight training program for anyone interested in learning how to fly. Make use of our excellent flight training facilities and get in the air at your leisure!

Power Pilot Conversion Course

ATPL/PPL Conversion Course

A condensed course for Airline Transport Pilots or Private Pilot Licence holders who are interested in soaring and sharpening their flying skills.


99s Conversion Course

A condensed course, in support of the 99s Group, for women with Airline Transport Pilot or Private Pilot Licenses


Foreign Students & Pilots

The necessary requirements for visiting student pilots and visiting licensed pilots to fly at York Soaring Association.

advanced PROGRAMS

Once you are licenced, your journey into the world of soaring just begins! Take advantage of our courses to help further your skills and help you strive for excellence.

One LS-4 Advanced Single Seat

Bronze Badge Course

Learn the framework for skills that are useful when attempting your first cross-country flights in gliders.


Instructor Course

Learn how to teach others the necessary skills for safe flight and spread the joy of flight.


Aerobatics Course

Develop critical skills to become a better and safer pilot. It's also fun!

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