ATPL/PPL Conversion Course

sharpen your mastery of the air by learning how to soar

The power pilot transition course is especially designed and structured for licensed pilots wanting to sharpen their skills and get a glider pilot license. Our program can help you transition in as little as 2 weeks!

Here's what you need to know

When is the course held?

The course is usually scheduled at the beginning of each season (May to June) and the entire field allocated to the course.

What's included in the cost

In short: EVERYTHING. This is by far the best bang-for-buck for anything to do with aviation. Here’s the breakdown of what you get:

  • Ground school
  • 41 Air Tows (includes 20 solos)
  • Dual instruction
  • Course material
  • Log book
  • York Soaring membership fee
  • License fee

The only thing you will need is a Soaring Association of Canada membership for insurance purposes (which costs $80).

What to expect

Licensed pilots already possess most of the basic knowledge needed to successfully pilot a glider. The course will provide a refresher with topics of gliding and soaring being covered in the mornings of each day. The afternoons are reserved for training flights to acquaint you with your glider.

What do you fly?

All of your training and dual instruction will be done in a fiberglass ship (either the Grob 103 or the ASK 21). You will need to do a spin check and this is done in the Schweizer 2-32.


You would have completed 20 solo flights at the end of the course. After your final check-flight and some paperwork, you will be a licensed Glider Pilot. No Transport Canada examination is required.


$2,500 (HST included)

A deposit of $500 will be charged to reserve your spot and the remainder of the cost is due on the first day of classes. Value like this isn’t easy to find. Click the button and sign up for the next course right away!