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Learn how to become a Gliding Instructor Pilot - York Soaring


Instruct and Share the Joy of flight

Instructing is very similar to the soaring process: its usually not what you expect and almost always presents you with something new. If you remember to keep looking around, you will often be pleasantly surprised with what you find. Some days might test you and other days might make your month. 

Ultimately, those who instruct truly find joy in flying and give the gift of flight freely. Soaring flight is so often a solitary sport yet instructing offers instructors and students the opportunity to share something special.

Becoming an Instructor is worthwhile

what you need to know


  • Glider Pilot Licence
  • 20 hours of Pilot-in-Command time

Licencing requirements

You are required to undergo the York Soaring Instructor Training Course with a certified Glider Pilot Instructor. Complete the course, test, and flights and receive your Instructor Rating.

What to expect

Students can fly as often as they want and whenever they find an instructor. Typical flying days for students consist of two training flights in a row with the same instructor and possibly up to four flights per day. This will allow for faster progression to the rating.

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