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Flight Training - York Soaring

flight training

It's Time to fly

Take advantage of our excellent training facilities and our very active group of instructors to get in the air right away!

York offers a self-paced learning program as well as camps at the beginning of June and July. The self-paced program is ideal for those wanting to learn at their own leisure while the camps will allow students to progress to solo stages at a much quicker pace.

Getting your Glider Pilot Licence is easy

Take your fist lesson now!

Learn from your first flight

Jump in and start learning. during your first flight you will learn the effects of your flight controls and progress to take-offs and landings. 

What to expect on your training flights

Students can fly as often as they want. Typical flying days for students consist of two training flights in a row with the same instructor and possibly up to four flights per day. This will allow for faster progression to solo. Training flights generally last 20 min, and can extend up to 1 hour with favorable soaring conditions. 

FREE Ground School

Understanding the theory of flying and soaring through Ground-school is a critical aspect of your training career and builds the foundation of a great pilot. Ground-school courses are offered by our instructors as required and FREE of charge! Access the documentation online or at the airfield.

Getting to Solo

Getting to solo depends largely on how well the student performs. The instructor will evaluate your readiness and then give you an oral exam and a flight test. Completing these tests successfully will send you on your first SOLO FLIGHT! An average of 30 dual flights are needed before going solo. 

Licencing requirements

To get your licence you are required to complete 20 solo flights, take the ground school and write a Transport Canada Glider Pilot’s exam (at the airfield). When you pass you will be licensed!

What happens after you're licenced?

You can progress through the more advanced sailplanes the club fleet offers! Try your hand at cross-country flying, take part in the friendly competitions at York Soaring, obtain aerobatic training, or simply take up a friend for one of the most exciting rides they will ever have!

still unsure? try it first!

Still unsure whether gliding is right for you? Book your Glider Experience Flight to get a taste of what it’s like before you commit. If you decide to continue, the flight counts towards your training.

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