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About - York Soaring

about us


York Soaring is a mask-friendly facility but masks are not required. Guests may ask instructors to wear masks.

Our Mission

Founded in 1961 by Walter Chmela, York Soaring is a member-run, non-profit organization dedicate to furthering the art and sport of soaring.

York Soaring puts on regular barbecues and fundraising dinners, mentors badge and cross-country flying, and organizes flights at venues around the world such as the USA, France, and New Zealand.

Extraordinary Experiences

When our founder Walter Chmela started the club, his aim was to make the wonderful sport of soaring available to almost anyone who was interested. York Soaring continues his legacy by being a member-run organization, offering various levels of instruction on the sport of soaring to whomever is interested. 

In May 2007 Walter received national recognition for his almost 70 years of service to soaring by being inducted into the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame.

Airport Information

The active runway at York is usually 32 or 14.  Gliders and power aircraft fly circuits on opposite sides of the runway (gliders fly their base leg into wind and powered aircraft fly with a tailwind on base). Gliders have the right of way during take off and landing.

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