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Operations - York Soaring



York Soaring is a mask-friendly facility but masks are not required. Guests may ask instructors to wear masks.

Five Grass Runways and a Large Fleet of Aircraft

York Soaring Association has a large fleet of sailplanes available for a range of skillsets. From the proven SGS 2-33 to the advanced level DG500 we have the facilities and equipment to support growth and skill development of all levels.

Download our Rate Sheet

Rate sheets are subject to changes at the sole discretion of York Soaring Association.


Two hangars, three tow planes and 12 club gliders. Come and fly them all!

Four SGS 2-33 Basic Trainers

Two SGS 1-34 Basic Single Seat

One PW-5 Basic Single Seat

One Grob 103 Intermediate Two-Seat

One ASK-21 Intermediate Two-Seat Trainer, Acro

One SGS 2-32 Intermediate Two-Seat, Spin Trainer

One DG500 Advanced Two-Seat Acro

One LS-4 Advanced Single Seat

Two PA-25 235HP Pawnee Tow Planes

One 8GCBC 180HP Scout Tow Plane


York Soaring owns 200 acres near the village of Arthur, dedicated to the sport of soaring. Our facilities include:

3 Runways

A system of 3 large grass-strip runways with the largest being 3,000 ft long


Two Hangars, a club-house with a full kitchen and WiFi services, underground fuel storage, and a workshop


Extensive tie down areas for private gliders

Large Fleet

A fleet of 3 powerful tow planes and 12 gliders

Bunkhouse & Campground

A Bunkhouse and two cabins for transient accommodations. Large campground for tents and trailers complete with hydro, water, and Accessible washrooms and showers

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