Training the pilots of tomorrow

York Soaring has a years of experience in training Canada’s youth to Transport Canada licensing standards. York Soaring has developed a Youth Camp program that takes advantage of all those years of experience.

Youth can obtain their full glider pilot license in less than 3 weeks by attending the annual camp.  Youth Camp is held at the field where participants will bunk, prepare their own meals, fly up to four flights a day, and study for their written TC exam

More than just flying for fun

highlights of the camp

  • Comprehensive Program: Building upon 45 years of experience, York has built this developmental program that utilizes its large fleet and powerful knowledge base to develop a wide range of essential skills; from basic life skills to more tailored piloting skills.
  • Modern Tools and Tutoring: York Soaring employs an On-line ground school to prepare students for the written Transport Canada Exam.  Tutoring sessions are provided on non-flying days and each evening during the camp. The transport Canada exam will be administered at the field.
  • Short Duration: Students can get their Glider Pilot License in as little as three weeks, weather providing. This means that the Program offers the students the flexibility to maintain summer jobs, attend other camps, or go on summer vacation.
  • Lower Cost: The York Program is far less expensive than obtaining the license privately, and offers a fixed cost basis rather than paying per flight. Students must however reach solo stage after 30 training flights. Additional flights will be charged at Club rates.
  • Maximum Flight Time: The Program offers students the opportunity to fly up to an hour per tow at no extra cost and, as a side-benefit, to learn thermalling. This can extend the length of time per solo flight and can lead to a greater chance of obtaining the C-badge for 1 hour of sustained flight much sooner than anywhere else (other clubs or cadet programs). It also means they’re likely to be able to take passengers for flights much sooner too!
  • Club Membership: All participants are members of the club until the end of the year and they are encouraged to continue gliding at York Soaring after they are licensed. Club rates will apply for the remainder of the summer.

overall cost: $3,500

The Overall Cost includes:

  • All taxes (HST)
  • Aerotow costs and flying time
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Logbooks and course material
  • Bunkhouse accommodations
  • Transport Canada licensing and examination fees. 

Have more questions? Get in touch for more information on the Youth Camp program, on our individual self-paced youth training option, or on our other ground school training options.

Information and our commitment

for the parents


Adult supervisors are available at the camp at all times. During the day, students are supervised on the flight line by club instructors involved in the training program. In the evening, male and female adult club members are present on site in case of emergency and to enforce lights out (11 pm for youth members). Parents are welcome to camp over night and to participate during the course of the camp. 


Future Development

York Soaring does provide the students with the opportunity to qualify for Youth Flight Canada scholarships, can facilitate involvement with the national youth soaring team, community involvement through the Freedom’s Wings program and can fly with York Soaring for the remainder of the summer as a youth member paying only for additional aero tows