Soaring Scholarships for licensed pilots

Soaring Scholarships

York Soaring is proud to work with Youth Flight Canada to offer Soaring Scholarships to deserving young people looking to further their flying skills, especially Cross Country.

About Youth Flight Canada

Youth Flight Canada is a registered charity with programs at several Canadian gliding clubs. At York Soaring, YFC offers scholarships and opportunities to youth between the ages of 16 and 26. Learn more about Youth Flight Canada.

Program Focus

The Soaring Scholarship program is focused on providing licensed graduates of basic flight training at York Soaring, the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, or other similar programs, opportunities to further their flying skills. The ultimate goal is to build skills that will enable Cross Country flights utilizing advanced composite twins. The program uses two-seat K-21 composite gliders for mentoring and SGS 1-34 solo gliders for further practicing those skills.

Soaring Scholarships

As part of the YFC program, York Soaring offers the recipient Soaring Scholarships to youth who already possess a Glider Pilot License.

The program will cover the cost of Aerotows to launch flights up to a maximum of $1,000 and all airtime flown in a K-21 and/or an SGS 1-34. The student must still cover the yearly memberships to the Soaring Association of Canada (SAC) and to York Soaring. Membership fees depend on the age of the student and are as follows:

  • SAC annual membership for under 19 years:  $0/yr
  • SAC membership for under 21 years: $40/yr
  • SAC membership for under 25 years in full-time education: $40/yr
  • York Soaring membership for scholarship-Juniors: $250/yr.

All SAC and York Soaring membership fees must be paid prior to flying at York Soaring and the fees may not be taken from the scholarship grant.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Be a licensed glider pilot graduate from York Soaring, Canadian Air Cadets, or similar programs.
  • Be between 16 and 26 years of age.
  • Have an infectious enthusiasm for gliding.
  • Be a full time student with good grades.
  • Contribute volunteer time to their club upon award and acceptance of the Scholarship.

Training begins with the FAI Bronze Badge curriculum which builds the fundamental skills for cross country flying. Topics such as Advanced Thermalling, Off-Field Landings, Weather, Spit Landings and more are covered in theory and through practical coaching. All practical coaching flights are made in a K-21 twin with an experienced mentor/instructor.

When the student has been signed off on those skills, the objectives will focus on attaining the FAI Silver C badge. The Silver C badge requirements are a 5-hour flight, a gain of altitude during a flight of 1000 meters, and a distance flight of over 50 Km.

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