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Foreign Pilots - York Soaring

foreign Students & Pilots

Foreign Students

Students pilots who are visiting from other countries may take training in Canada if they can document their age and citizenship, and meet the requirements of the self-declared medical.

To obtain a Glider Pilot Licence, students must meet all of the normal requirements, including basic proficiency in English. 

Contact us for more specific information on requirements for Foreign Students.

Foreign pilots

Visiting licenced pilots, may either get a Student Pilot Permit with documented proof of age and citizenship if they meet the requirements of the self-declared medical. This may allow for solo flying privileges within 25 NM of the airfield, at the discretion of the Chief Flying Instructor or his/her designates. For those staying for extended periods, full licence privileges may be obtained either by meeting the Canadian Glider Pilot licence standards and applying for this licence, or by getting the foreign licence validated with such privileges.

For more information see Transport Canada’s website at: http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/opssvs/general-personnel-menu-1799.htm

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