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Experience the Thrills and Serenity of Glider Flying - York Soaring

Glider Experience


Let one of our qualified instructors take you up to help you find out what if feels like to fly and be at the controls of a glider! No experience necessary.

UPDATE: Any flights purchased in 2023 will be honored during our 2024 flying season. We will begin scheduling our 2024 season in April with flights beginning in June. Please watch for our email in early Spring to schedule your flight for 2024.

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Find out what if feels like to fly a glider and soar into the skies. Thinking of getting your glider pilot license? Looking for something fun to do? The Glider Experience Flight will surely be an experience to remember.

Start the day off by meeting your instructor and getting briefed on what to expect. Your instructor will have control of the take-off and landing but will gladly hand over control of the glider to you after the climb. The glider will disconnect from the tow-plane at an altitude of 3,000ft above the ground and, depending on the prevailing weather conditions, you may climb even higher! The typical flight will last between 20 and 30 minutes.

Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, and lunch.

Looking for an experience with more of an adrenaline dump? Try the Aerobatics Flight package!

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