Youth can obtain their full glider pilot license in less than 3 weeks by attending York's annual youth camp.  Youth camp at the field, prepare their own meals, fly 4 flights a day, and study for their written TC exam.  The course fee of $2200 includes club membership, 52 flights, license fee of $160, and unlimited air time in the 2-33 trainer. The camp runs the first 2-3 weeks of July.

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York Soaring has a 39 year history of successfully providing Glider Flight Training to Transport Canada standards to over 600 youngsters from across Ontario. Most participants are air cadets, however, any youth >14 years old that completes York's on-line ground school can also attend. We will have one youth camp this year so that qualified participants may obtain their Transport Canada Glider Pilot license. Interested students may also join the club and learn to fly over the course of the summer. The course starts June 28 and participants must sign up ahead of time because space is limited to a maximum of 9 pilots.

The course offers a great many advantages

  • Low Cost – The York Program is far less expensive than obtaining the license privately, and offers a fixed cost basis rather than paying per flight. Students must however reach solo stage after 28 training flights. Additional flights will be charged at Club rates.

  • Short Duration – At two-three weeks,( Weather providing) the York Program enables the students the flexibility to maintain summer jobs, attend other camps, or go on summer vacation.

  • Comprehensive Program – York offers the students the opportunity to train on three standard Schweizer Gliders (SGS 2-33), as well a single seaters.

  • Increased Flight Time – The York Program offers students the opportunity to learn thermalling and the chance of obtaining the C-badge for 1 hour sustained flight. SAC clubs and cadet gliding centers require licensed pilots obtain a minimum of 10 hours solo time before carrying passengers and longer solo flights will help participants reach that milestone sooner. No charges will be applied for additional flight time.

  • Flexibility – The York programs are ideal for air cadets who do not qualify for the six week CRGS program provided the cadet can obtain a Transport Canada Class 3 or 4 medical. Successful cadets may apply for the CRGS conversion course to fly at the local Gliding Centers. (Note: civilian glider pilots who have been previously RTU'd from cadet glider training are no longer allowed to participate in the air cadet gliding program)

  • Supervision – Adult supervisors are available at the camp at all times.

  • Future Development – York Soaring does provide the students with the opportunity to qualify for Youth Flight Canada bursaries, can facilitate involvement with the national youth soaring team, community involvement through the Freedom’s Wings program and can fly with York Soaring for the remainder of the summer as a youth member paying only for additional aero tows.

2013 Schedule

Course# Start Completion ( weather dependent)
#1 Main (9 students max) June 28
July 17
Hong Kong officer camp June
6 spots booked for officers from Hong Kong Air Cadets

The June  camp is offered to accommodate 6 cadet officers from Hong Kong, however, 2-3 additional participants may join this camp.


Instructors are available at the club 7 days a week in the summer so you do not have to attend a camp to learn to fly.  The purpose of the camps is to ensure an instructor to student ratio of 1:3.

Air Cadet RTU's hoping to complete their glider license at York should arrive as early as possible in August so that they can complete their training before the end of summer.



Walter F. Chmela