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Gliding Experience - Introductory Flight




Gliding is a unique aviation experience, and we want to share it with you!


Our "Intro Ride" includes a 3000' aerotow, up to 30 minutes of soaring 'free flight' and a smooth landing. Feel the Earth's energy lift the glider and sustain powerless flight, try your hand at flying the 60' wide aircraft with the guidence of one of our Transport Canada licensed instructors, maybe even some light aerobatics or just enjoy the serenity of soaring like a bird - it's up to you!


Don't wait, buy a Introductory Flight voucher for yourself, or to give as a memborable and unique gift. You can buy now with PayPal and have your certificate mailed to you within 48 hours!


If you have any questions, call our Club office at 519-848-3621 or email Ivor David using the form on the 'Contact Us' page.

It is not necessary to book a flight, but if you have a prepaid Introductory Flight voucher and know when you are going to use it, then show up on the day you wish to fly. There is no reason to book first unless there is a group of more than 10. On weekends, there is normally a longer wait but we accommodate you as soon as we possibly can. Just check into the airfield office when you arrive to start the ball rolling! It is best to arrive by about 11a.m. on weekends to shorten the waiting time. This gives you a reasonable chance of flying within 1-2 hours of your arrival time. You are welcome to bring your lunch, there are lots of pic-nic tables available.


intro2The flight ?

Before flying, the duty pilot will arrange for you to fill in some paperwork. Then, after your glider and instructor are ready, you will be given a briefing on the aircraft and its controls and then strapped in.

For the flight, you sit in the front seat of one of our 2 seater training gliders and are launched behind a tug to 3000 feet above ground level.The instructor, who has a similar set of controls to those in the front,will demonstrate howthe glider is controlled,and then,under his/her watchful eye, will let you have a go on the controls.When it is time to prepare for landing,the instructor will take over the controls again.Depending on the prevailing weather conditions, you could find a thermal and climb to 4~5000 feet, your flight will typically last between 12 and 30 minutes.


Don't forget to bring hat and sunglasses!




intro3YORK SOARING is also home of FREEDOM'S WINGS CANADA a Canadian Charity Organization providing Inspiration flights.FWLogo

F.W.C. programs offer people with disabilities the chance to experience the freedom of sailplane flying.

F.W.C. in partnership with YORK SOARING provide complete flight training aboard one of its sailplane fitted with a set hand controls.
Eventual certification is possible.



learn2York Soaring is also the home base of Youth Flight Canada.

YFC provides bursaries to deserving young people who cannot on their own afford to fly. YFC pays 50% of their nominal membership fee and all but $5.00 of each flight.









5 Flight Package

Sometimes one flight is just not enough for you to make up your mind whether soaring is for you. To overcome this dilemna we offer a flight package which provides you with five tows to 2000 ft. or five tows to 3000 ft. These do not have to be taken on the same day. Take one or two flights and come back another day or two to complete the rest. We will give you some basic instruction and let you fly the glider as much as you wish, with the exception of the take-off and landing, of course. For the price please see the rates page.