The York Soaring Association (YSA) has a long history of successfully training youth Transport Canada licensing standards since 1972. Qualified participants may obtain their Glider Pilot license in 2-3 weeks on a youth camp, or by learning at their own pace over the course of the summer.

Youth flying at YSA enjoy:

  • Discounted memberships so that they may continue to build solo time after their licence training so that they can advance to other types of gliders, obtain passenger ratings, and receive advanced training to achieve FAI badges for height, duration, and distance.

  • Use of more advanced gliders such as the single seat mid performance SGS 1-34, and with time other high performance gliders.

  • eligibility for Youth Flight Canada Bursaries as licensed pilots to provide additional low cost flight time and advanced training opportunities.
  • Air Cadets who successfully obtain their licence at YSA may apply through their squadron to attend the CRGS conversion course that will enable them to fly with their local gliding center.(This does not apply to students who have been previously RTU'd from CRGS)

Qualified youth with disabilities are able to learn to soar at YSA through our affiliation with Freedom’s Wings Canada. Paraplegics or high functioning quadriplegics please seek more information through the Freedom’s Wings website.

To see YSA’s Youth Training Program in action, check our video (created by one of our own Youth Flight Canada scholarship recipients):

Information for Parents

During the day, students are supervised on the flight line by club instructors involved in the training program. In the evening, male and female adult club members are present on site in case of emergency and to enforce lights out (11 pm for youth members). Parents are welcome to camp over night and to participate during the course of the camp.  For more information on the youth camp, an individual self-paced youth training option, ground school training options, please contact the Chief Flying Instructor in the 'About Us - Contacts' menu.