SOARING Scholarships

Soaring scholarships are available both from Youth Flight Canada, and the Soaring Association of Canada.  York is a particularly good soaring site for students, as we have a number of facilities specifically geared towards them.  We offer cabin, and trailer accommodations such the both males, females, youths and those with disabilities can be served.  As well, we have accessible showering, and cooking facilities.  We also have a range of gliders that meet the needs of beginning pilots and a 7-days-a-week flying operation in the summer.

Selection Criteria:

The applicant must:

•Be a licensed glider pilot.
•Be between 16 and 26 years of age
•Have an infectious enthusiasm for gliding
•Be a full time student with good grades
•Render an hour of volunteer effort to the club for each flight taken above and beyond normal club duties.
•Submit a written report to why they should be selected and be willing to write a report that evaluates the impact the Scholarship had on them.
•Submit their application to Tracey Brake before May
•Confirm they will use the Bursary to its fullest extent during the Summer months (flying season)

•Preference may be given to graduates of York Soaring or CRGS

•Join YSA as a youth member by July 1

Scholarships may be awarded past the initial deadline if not all the funding available was allocated on May 1 or if recipients forfit their Scholarship by not joining/flying by July 1.  Interested parties should apply.

Scholarship Benefits:

 The successful individual will pay only $100 as an annual membership fee and $5 for each flight (covering rental and tow costs). The scholarship funds will cover the difference in costs until the scholarship amount awarded has been exhausted. Flight time in the two twin Grobs owned by YFC is also free to scholarship recipients.

The YFC Soaring Scholarship Application form and the Scholarship Recipient Agreement forms may be downloaded in the Learn To Fly - Club Documents section of the website.  

for more info please contact: Tracey Brake