Norman Perfect Flight Training Scholarships

These allow youths under the age of 26 and opportunity to get a Glider Pilot licence at a low cost.  Norman Perfect was a great instructor for many years at our club and we hope in part he will continue to live in our memories by dedicating these scholarships in his name.

The current program is aimed at students enrolled in several aviation related, post-secondary schools.  Recipients of the Flight Training Scholarship will sign an agreement to make work commitments to the club as with the Soaring Scholarships as outlined in the Learn To Fly - Club Documents section of this website.

Norman Perfect Flight Training Scholarships are funded by directed donations to the Youth Flight Canada Education Fund charity ( )  All donations over $25 will receive a charitable receipt for tax purposes.  The number of scholarships awarded each season will be dependent on the donations made to this program.

Donation methods:

  • Direct York Office administration staff to forward funds from your club account.
  • Go to the Youth Flight Canada Education Fund website ) and direct your donation to the York Soaring Flight Training Scholarship program.
  • Go to the Canada Helps website ( Canada Helps ) and search for the Youth Flight Canada Education Fund charity.  In the comments section for the donation enter York Soaring Flight Training Scholarship.  

Canada Helps is the preferred method for making electronic payment donations to this program.

 This course is especially designed and structured for licensed pilots wanting their glider pilot license.  The course is scheduled from May 28th to June 4th, 2018. This is a concentrated training syllabus over an eight-day period.   At the end of the course you will be a qualified glider pilot with basic soaring knowledge.   The $2500 special price package includes the following:

   ·         HST

   ·         Dual instruction

   ·         Air tows

   ·         Flight time

   ·         20 solo flights

   ·         Ground school

   ·         Study manuals and material

   ·         License fee

   ·         Log book, and

   ·         SAC (Soaring Association of Canada) insurance and membership.

 Training and solo flights will be in a fiberglass ship, either the Grob 103 or the ASK 21. The spin check out will be in a SCHWEIZER 2-32.


Pilot Glider ID Registration Link
John Brake Kestrel 19m 42 C-FFKQ Spot
Tony Firmin Discus 2T/18m 1F C-GYDR Spot
Charles Petersen SH Discus 2cT CP C-GCFP Spot
Wayne Store Schleicher Ka-6 K6 C-FKYW Spot




YORK SOARING has excellent training facilities, with 4 two-seat trainers and a very active group of instructors, we get you in the air right away!

On your first flight as you learn the effects of the controls. Then as you progress you will learn how to take-off, land and how to soar, the rules of the air, ground procedures and club operations. Students fly two flights in a row with the same instructor and may fly up to four flights per day.  This will allow for faster progression to solo.

Ground-school courses are offered by YORK SOARING as required free of charge at the air field and on-line in the ground school on this website.

Training flights generally last 20 min, and can extend up to 1 hour with favorable soaring conditions.When the instructor thinks you are ready, you will be given an oral exam and a flight test and then be sent SOLO! An average of 30 dual flights at about $50 each are needed before you go solo, it's less than a quarter of the cost of a private pilot's license. York typically offers camps at the beginning of June and July that will allow students to progress quicker to solo stages or you can learn by simply coming out as often as you are available.

To get your licence you will be required to complete 20 solo flights, take the ground school and write a Transport Canada Glider Pilot's exam (at the airfield). When you pass you will be licensed!
After License, you come and fly as much as you like, still only paying for the rental of the glider and the tow fee.

You can progress through the more advanced sailplanes the club fleet offers, try your hand at cross-country flying, take part in the friendly competitions at York Soaring, obtain aerobatic training, or simply take up a friend for one of the most exciting rides they will ever have!

Take your first lesson now!